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A mobile application is an Internet-based software application designed to run on smart phones, tablet computers and other mobile devices. They are accessible through application sharing platforms. Apps are applications or programs that run on your mobile phone, comparable to the way that a program will run on your desktop computer.
Mobile apps were initially intended for productive functions such as email, calendar and contact databases, but public demand caused a swift expansion into other areas such as banking, GPS and location-based services, mobile games, order-tracking, ticket purchases, and factory automation.

Widespread mobile access presents organizations with the chance to change the way they work significantly. Any highly-mobile employee can benefit from having company information at his or her fingertips. Apps are the tools that allow employees to be more productive and proficient, providing access to the information they need, when they need it. Mobile apps have the capability to distribute high-performance software experiences anywhere, anytime, and to any device yet the mobile app options for businesses are limited.

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