5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Mobile App

Customers are increasingly using mobile apps to get information.

In a world where anything is attainable with just one click, the ideal scenario is to turn your online business into a go-to source where potential customers get answers to all their questions, and much more, all in just one application. Learn more reasons why your business may be in need of a mobile app very soon.

1.    Apps answer every potential customer’s questions

Potential customers are increasingly using mobile apps to get information. Customers dislike having to go to outside sources to answer their questions or feeling second-guessed when searching for facts about your business elsewhere.

The ideal scenario is to have your entire business dossier available right there in your app. This way, customers will not have to switch out of the comfort zone that your app can provide, and they will spend more time interacting with your brand for all their needs, rather than getting information from a search engine.

2.    Consistent interaction with your business

Apps are platforms for creativity. In them, you can allocate all kinds of fun ways for customers to interact with your brand. These include:

  • Coupon clipping
  • Shopping
  • Item searches
  • Games
  • Newsletter subscriptions, and much more

Giving customers these interactive opportunities will bring them closer to your brand, making their experience all the more familiar and pleasurable.

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3.    Keep your own traffic away from big search engines!

Why encourage customers go to Google to find out about you, when your app can do it all for you? As we said, customers are increasingly using mobile apps to get information. Information-seeking generates enormous internet traffic; this is the kind of participation that you want for your app.

Why detour all those visitors to the big search engines, just because your app cannot answer their questions?

4.    More hits to your app and website mean more visitor traffic.

Apps promote more visits and interaction with your brand. More hits to your app mean more visitor traffic which, as previously stated, is exactly what you want to promote yourself without having to buy sponsored ads and banners.

5.    Transparent self-promotion

The key advantage of business applications, compared to advertisements (apps over ads), in terms of self-promotion, is transparency. An app is a smorgasbord that promotes all the great things your brand has to offer without the need of the “fluff” language and one-sided dynamics of advertisements.     

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What to include as part of your “app”?

Depending on your business, here are some general sections that customers tend to interact with using mobile apps:

  • Searching the mobile app to get information about the brand: “About Us” section, contact information, social media handles.
  • Photo galleries of products and services
  • Order information
  • Testimonials
  • Trivia, games, and contests
  • Loyalty rewards and programs

These are just brief reasons why your business totally needs an app.

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