5 Money Saving Tips for Business Printing

Small businesses have to invest in the utilization of the resources that they have to maximize productivity hence profitability. Printing is one of the fundamental activities that every company engages in. You can save a lot of money by ensuring that you use the right printing ink in the right way. The following tips will help you to keep on printing to maximize profits.

Employ your printer’s economy setting

Printing a test page or draft utilizes the same amount of resources as the final copy. You can save more funds by using your printer’s economy mode if you do not need to have the first rounds that look exactly like the final product. The economy mode allows your printer to use less toner making the product to have lighter ink than the last.

Purchase discounted printer ink

This option works best if you intend to print out documents that contain text only. You can consider buying remanufactured inks that will allow you to print more copies instead of buying pricey and name-brand cartridges. Most of these discounted inks you can find online through reliable sources, and several of them will even offer services like free shipping and benefits for long term customers. All of this being said, this print inks may not give the best result if you are printing copies that contain logos, promotional content, or colored materials. However, most of the time if promotional material is being printed, it would almost always be printed through a professional service anyway. It’s an excellent option for internal use, and can save your company hundreds of dollars a year if not more.

Ensure that your printer fits your needs

It is essential for you to keep in mind what you intend to use your printer for before you purchase it. You may want to own an inkjet printer if you are likely to print excellent materials often. You can also settle for a laser printer if you intend to have frequent printing in action.

Print to PDF

Paper is another material that is basic in printing and very prone to waste. You can choose to print your content to PDF to avoid the expenses of purchasing paper. The best way to do this is by publishing a document then save it as a PDF. You can then send it to a recipient every time they need it and create a useful digital filing system right on the hard drive of your computer for future reference.

Double-sided printing

Printing on the both sides of the page allows you to scale on the number of paper you use while printing out the same content. The content that would consume two sheets of paper will consume one sheet. This way, you can save about 50% of the amount you spent on documents. You can also reduce the font size and rotate the sheet of paper 90 degrees to a landscape position. The end product is that you have two-page content printed on one page.

The above tips can help you enjoy every bit of printing. Remember to consider your printing needs before you employ any of these tips.

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