5 Common Problems Found on Websites

You’re in the process of improving your business and what better way than to have an awesome website. You spend days designing, re-designing, and perfecting until finally, COMPLETION!

You are ready to use the most advanced and technologically logical (sounds great right?) method of advertising what you have to offer. You sit back and wait for those checks to come in and then… nothing.

There are millions of users online yet not one of them take the time to visit your site. Not even your mom. What happened?

I don’t know, but what I CAN do is share with you some of the common pitfalls of website design so that you can make sure you rise above these petty issues. After all, you are way above a commoner. So, for your reading pleasure, here is my list of common website problems:

1) Bad alignment: You don’t want it on your car and you don’t want it on your website. Just because it looks great on your computer doesn’t mean that it looks better on someone else’s. How to fix it: Test your page at different window sizes and on different browsers to make sure that everything appears correctly.

2) Flash only websites: I know first impressions are important. You want users to be awed at the awesomeness that appears when they first enter your site. However, you want to know what happens when users can’t skip a massively flashy introduction page that takes more than 60 seconds to load? They LEAVE. How to fix it: Have an alternative html version as an option. That way you keep your awesomeness while still being accessible to those not-so-upgraded techies.

3) Link, link, link, link, link: Easy navigation is essential. Too many links is like too many gold chains, you go from classy to tacky real quick. A substantial amount of links on one page can be confusing and overwhelming. Spread them out. How to fix it: Be purposeful in your layout.

4) Li??: Where’s the links?! I know, this contradicts the previous issue, but not having ENOUGH links can cause just as many problems as having too many. Users should be able to find what they need in a few clicks. How to fix it: Same as above. Test your site as a user looking for something. Did you find it easily? Did you enjoy the experience? Did it feel good?

5) Where’s the search box?: I want something, do you have it? Make it easy for me?! After all, the world loves easy and sometimes quicker is better. What better way to make your website accessible then to let someone type exactly what they want and viola! Instant gratification. Or they realize you aren’t the one for them…. But either way they’ll appreciate the straightforwardness. How to fix it: EASY! You can use Google Custom Search Engine. It’s free and it’s awesome.

Starting to realize you’re a little in over your head? There’s nothing wrong with enlisting a little help. When you think about the time and frustration that comes along with creating and maintain a website it may be better to invest in some high quality website technicians. Companies such as Miami based TechProductions specialize in business websites. If anything you can get an idea of what a strong business website layout looks likes.

So, future millionaire, what’s the next step you’re going to take to raise your website up a notch?

Tech ya later!

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