4 Ways Your Employees Contribute To Your Business Image

Employees comprise the most vital resource for any organization. A business is wise to retain loyal, smart, and engaged talent. After all, employees are representative of the company they work for. They are an extension of your brand. How you project your values to your customers depends in large part on your staff. Below are four ways that employees contribute to your business image.

Frontline Faces

Employees who are customer-facing have an extraordinary impact on your business image. Customers who walk into your place of business or chat with your team on the phone immediately perceive the professionalism of your organization. If the staff appears apathetic or disengaged, it becomes challenging to entice a person to make a purchase. Professional demeanors among workers go a long way in ensuring repeat business as well. This is not only true for face-to-face interaction but for customer service over the phone as well. Many businesses have even outsourced their inbound and outbound calls to vetted professionals to ensure that their customer reputation is guaranteed in regards to phone calls. Sometimes this is the only opportunity that an e-commerce business may get to show their customers how professional and organized the business is. You’ll want to make the best impressions in order to invite the customer to return.

Social Media

The use of social media to reach customers hasn’t even come close to peaking as of yet. Social media is a fantastic place to gain exposure, interact with potential and current customers, and expose the human side behind your products. It’s one of the best ways to get your company known, and for e-commerce companies, it is essential that you use it correctly from the beginning to bring customers to you. Putting a group of high-performing staff in charge of your platforms can be a great way to project your business image. If a disgruntled employee takes the helm, however, disaster may strike. Knowing how to handle negative feedback, whether it’s from a client or employee, is important and showing your clientele how you respond to such feedback is part of establishing your company image.

Your Marketing Department

Handling a company’s marketing campaign is no easy feat, especially if you have an e-commerce business or are marketing services instead of a product. You must put a well-respected and trusted team of talent in charge if you choose to market to your customers in-house. The attitude of your team members will be reflected in the final result. If your team couldn’t care less about your image, it will show through their efforts. A team who truly cares about the company they work for will always put out a better product than one that doesn’t.

Internal Culture

Attracting top talent should be a priority for any company. However, it is extremely difficult to bring in great employees if your existing staff is miserable. Your brand image is projected internally as well as externally. A weak company culture or poor morale can doom your business. This is the same for an online business that has employees working from home in different parts of the world. Make sure as part of your hiring process you are implementing pre-employment assessments. These are critical to your overall success.

Keep communications open and encourage feedback from your employees so that you can maintain a great company culture even if you all don’t meet together in an office. Having a vibrant and thriving employee base is critical for sustained success in the marketplace. Training employees to work as a cohesive unit through team-building exercises, results in greater productivity and higher morale. Teams that are truly engaged, committed to a clear purpose, and have a deep sense of responsibility are an unbeatable force.

Remember, your employees are your business. Without them, the ship sinks. Customers will only be treated right if your staff feels valued and appreciated. Your business image is determined by the people who stand behind you; if you develop and engage your talent, they will show you the same respect in return.

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