4 Tech Upgrades For Businesses That Care About Security (That Should Include You)

With the heightened levels of cyber burglary, security is at the top of most businesses’ concerns today. Business owners must find suitable ways of favorably responding to security issues so that they are not caught off guard. In the bid to respond suitably to numerous threats, businesses have found ways of upgrading their operations safety.

Video-based surveillance systems

Burglary and forced-entry theft have raised the need for sophisticated means of countering thugs. Video monitoring systems have been developed as part of the solution to this effect. Surveillance systems are installed in strategic positions in a building including the entrance and hallways with the aim of complementing the existence of security guards. Video monitoring is more secure than security guards, especially given the numerous benefits that the monitoring systems pose.

Surveillance systems can be, for instance, used to biometrically identify suspects using facial features in ways that security guards are unable to. Closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems can be used to monitor operations in an establishment in real-time, therefore making it easier to respond promptly to security threats.

Alarm systems

Whereas video surveillance systems are suitable for monitoring human traffic, their operations can be complemented through the use of alarm systems. Alarm systems work best in detecting forced entry and raising awareness among the public and intended security persons for the right set of measures to be taken. Alarm systems can also be used as a burglar deterrence system, especially when they raise sirens after an intrusion.

Modernized and tech-advanced alarm systems have integrated alarm security systems such as password-protected locks, biometrics recognition systems, and mobile-telephony-based notifications. They can also be fitted with motion sensors which detect the slightest motion at night. These enhancements have made alarm systems highly capable of dealing with the most advanced business threats.

Relocate to the cloud

Thugs are not just interested in stealing money. They also target documents and other disclosures such as employee and company data. To secure your business further from data theft, it is highly advisable to consider relocating to the cloud. Cloud-based storages have more advance data security systems and measures such as data encryption which hackers cannot get past. Cloud storage systems are also highly advantageous for any business as they make the company’s operations less prone to operational paralysis caused by theft of company data. Moving to the cloud will not only help you secure your data but also help you pass a SAP audit.

Getting a professional to help build your company website will ensure that it will have the most up-to-date security to protect you and your customers.

Having modernized high-tech safes

For items such as money that cannot be stored in the cloud storage systems, there are still some upgrades that can be made. One of these upgrades is using conventional safes, but with high tech reinforcements which increase the safety of entry access. For instance, safes should be incorporated with biometric access systems and PIN-based locks. Also, they should be lined with the latest strong materials such as carbon-reinforced steel to make them relatively unbreakable and fireproof.

Security is at the heart of every business today. The advanced threats that businesses face demand advanced high-tech solutions such as CCTV camera systems, cloud-based storages, and reinforcements to existing security measures to complement the presence of security guards.

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