3 Tips on Managing Your Tech Right

All business owners who have computers need to know how to manage their tech to protect themselves against lawsuits and data breaches. Some people assume it’s an issue only large businesses have to worry about, but small businesses are also at risk.

Strong Passwords Are a Must

Hackers are sometimes able to gain access to a computer or other device by guessing the password. Data recovery and security specialists explain that when you create a strong password, hackers will usually be unable to guess it. A strong password is at least 10 characters long and includes special characters like percent signs, parentheses and dollar signs. You should include upper case letters, lower case letters and numbers as well. Use a different password for each login you have so that if hackers figure out one password, they can’t quickly gain access to your other important accounts.

Careful with Wires

These defense lawyers explain that falls are incredibly common workplace injuries, and can cause legal troubles if the fall was due to an employer failing to take proper safety precautions. Wires or cables that are in the way of a walking path used by customers or employees can cause serious mishaps. Pay close attention when you set up any wired equipment in your business to make sure no one will get caught in the wires and trip. Invest in wire organizers for your office to keep cables neatly out of the way. Wire organizers have the additional benefit of preventing the wiring from becoming tangled.

Use Ethical Hackers

Cyber threats are constantly increasing, which leaves computer systems more vulnerable if security measures aren’t instituted and kept up-to-date. Because small businesses don’t have the same resources available as large businesses, it’s crucial that they take security seriously. Since some customers will lose confidence in the brand to keep their sensitive data secure, damage is always done in these instances, but a single data breach can ultimately hurt a small business far more than it would an established company.

According to ethical hackers, hackers are starting to target small businesses more because many of them don’t have any security measures in place to defend themselves against cyber criminals. It’s recommended that all businesses hire an ethical hacker to inspect their tech systems. Ethical hackers can spot potential loopholes or weaknesses that cyber criminals could take advantage of. They will inform you of their findings and make suggestions on how you can improve security.

As a business owner, you can keep your tech in good condition and your business safe by using wire organizers, strong passwords and ethical hackers. Make sure that any cables in your building are safely out of the way of your employees and customers. This helps protect your business from lawsuits. After you’ve done that and thought up stronger passwords, let an ethical hacker check out your computers and tell you how to keep your system secure.

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