3 Reasons Attitude and Personality Are Big Deals When Hiring

Resumes only tell half the story about a person. You have to look at attitude and personality, too. Whether you use an employment assessment, personal references or both to gauge these, it has to be taken into consideration. You want to make sure you’re inviting the right candidates into your workforce so that it’s a win-win for both of you.

You Can Teach Skills, But Not Attitude

It’s important to focus on customer service. If you don’t offer a good experience, customers won’t return, and they will more than likely tell their friends. You don’t want to deal with this kind of negativity.

When you hire someone, you have to look at their attitude. You can teach a number of skills to someone to ensure that they are capable of doing the job, but changing an attitude can be close to impossible. If someone doesn’t have the attitude that you need, it can lead to problems with customer service. In some instances, a person’s attitude can also be an HR nightmare as it pertains to harassment and overall compatibility too.

Emotional Intelligence Can Be Valuable

You want a candidate who demonstrates emotional intelligence so that they have a good understanding of how to interact with people in different situations and settings. The ability to understand and read people’s emotions is critical. It can make them natural leaders who can be left in charge of different situations. You may also feel more comfortable empowering employees when you know they can interact with customers or employees properly in different situations.

It’s hard to teach emotional intelligence. Either a person knows how to act or they don’t. While you may be able to go over expectations in one particular scenario, there could be three or four that could arise that a person isn’t trained for. When someone is more emotionally mature, you don’t have to worry about how they’ll react.

Workplace Culture Needs to Be a Match

Employee turnover can be expensive. Ideally, the person you hire will fit within the workplace culture that you have built. If your workplace culture isn’t what you think it should be, maybe you should take some time to develop it in that direction. This way, people will feel comfortable in the job so they will stay longer. Further, you feel as though they fit making it easier to collaborate on different projects.

Whenever you hire positions, it’s important to look at attitude and personality in addition to what’s on the resume itself. It will ensure that you hire the right person for the job whenever there’s an opening. You also need to make sure that when you’re hiring for important or essential positions that you do all your research, because each person is vital to the success of your business.

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